Monday, June 30, 2008


77 Galle Road
2497369, 2437437, 2320001

Mediocre food and a waste of a beautiful outdoor ambiance. One expects more from Tao, given its location at the Five Star Cinnamon Grand Hotel and situated next door to the top notch seafood restaurant, The Lagoon. But this fusion restaurant is a huge disappointment. The fusion in the cooking does nothing to bring out the subtleties of the ethnic flavors in dishes. The prices on the menu are reasonable for a high-end hotel restaurant, but unfortunately what arrives on your plate will not give you nearly enough satisfaction even for such prices. If you find yourself at the Cinnamon Grand for a meal, don’t think twice about checking out one of the hotel’s other restaurants.

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Anonymous said...

Very true. The first time I went to tao was when the restaurant first opened. It got off to a good start but fell apart quite quickly. Maybe they got carried away.