Monday, March 31, 2008

Bay Leaf

79 Gregory’s Road
Colombo 7
Tel: 94-11-5359653
Hours: 11am-11pm daily

An Italian restaurant in a not-so-Italian setting. Bay Leaf is set in a converted colonial house with tables laid out in the spacious front garden, in the veranda and balcony, as well as indoors. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the clientele consists mostly of Colombo’s expatriate community.

Enjoy a drink at the bar before your meal, while you watch Lionel Richie’s music videos playing on the big screen. The music is not overbearingly loud even on weekend nights, so this bar makes for an ideal venue for pre-dinner catch-up.

The food does not quite come up to par with Hilton’s Il Ponte, but is a step above Cinnamon Grand’s Ecko. The pasta selection is large and it will take you a bit of time to peruse through. The dishes vary in price from moderate to expensive.

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