Friday, February 8, 2008

Barefoot Cafe

704 Galle Road Colombo 3
Tel: 94-11-2580114
Fax: 94-11-2576936

A hot spot for those looking for a cool and laid-back atmosphere, the unpretentious Barefoot café is the popular locale to grab lunch or to relax with a chill drink on a humid afternoon. Yet, despite the kitchen being run by Sri Lanka’s famous chef Koluu (perhaps better known for his cross-dressing hobby), it’s the café ambiance, and not its food, that draws people with enthusiasm.

Situated behind the Barefoot shop, in the courtyard of its Colonial-style building, the not-too-serious café adopts an ultra casual atmosphere with its brightly colored table clothes – typical of the bright array of home ware sold at the shop – and flanked by multi-colored pillars emerging from a cement floor.

Currently only a day-time spot (it’s still working on creating a market for evening diners), the café serves a rather unimaginative and limited list of sandwiches and salads daily, alongside several other ‘specials’ of the day, such as rice and curry, quiche, and grilled fish. The daily items are priced low, while the prices of the specials are double this, and the desert prices stand in-between. One of the more satisfying dishes on the regular menu is the Falafel with pitta bread, which is both tasty and filling. The Roast pork sandwich, on the other hand, while attempting to use a mustard sauce for flavor, tastes simply like slices of roast pork in a dull bun. The Quiche specials are good, served with a delicious salad, although the price is relatively high for the quantity and quality. The milkshakes and deserts are wonderful. Try a chocolate, vanilla, and coffee milkshake, and for desert, opt for the rich Frozen chocolate mousse, or the Nut pie, which contains a tree’s worth of cashew nuts, smothered in a kithul-treacle base, and is eaten best with the vanilla ice cream served with it.

The waiters, dressed in colorful Barefoot shirts, are friendly, but not overly concerned with service. The rhythmic lounge music, while not overbearingly loud, nevertheless fails to harmonize with the unassuming feel of the café.

Barefoot café is a good stop for tea and desert, to energize yourself before entering the shop, or to revitalize yourself after shopping, while writing to friends on the stunning Barefoot postcards.

Colorful Barefoot tablecloth

Seating area

Quiche and salad

Roast Pork Sandwich

Nut pie and ice cream

Coffee milkshake


Roast pork sandwich 375
Devilled corned beef sandwich 375
Cheese and tomato sandwich 375
Spicy Chicken and Mayo Sandwich 375
Tuna Fish Sandwich 375
Waffles with sausage 350
Waffles with syrup 350
Falafel with pitta bread 475
Portion of Chinese rolls (fish/beef) 90
Hummus salad with raw vegetables 500
Tuna salad 550
Green salad 450

Nut pie and ice cream 450
Torte with chocolate sauce and ice cream 450
Chocolate/banana/carrot cake 300
Frozen chocolate mousse 450
Triple layer chocolate mousse 500
Cheese cake with blackberry topping 450
Chocolate brownie with ice cream 500
Fresh strawberries and cream 500
Margarita pie 450

Chocolate pie 450

Strawberry torte 450

Mocha mousse tart 500
Queen of Sheba 450

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Anonymous said...

Yes. I must agree with what the reviewer says. Barefoot Cafe is not very impressive in taste. I did enjoy, however, writing postcards while having a cool drink after a visit to the shop. The shop is absolutely worth it. I love the colorful fabrics.

Paris, France