Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hotel de Pilawoos

Galle Road, Colombo 3.

You don't want to be seen here before 2am – it's a faux pas.

Despite its froo froo sounding name, Hotel de Pilawoos is neither a hotel nor French, and generally unappealing to the sober mind and the hygiene-conscious. But after a late night out at Tramps nightclub, with Rum and Cokes having clouded their judgment, this 24-hour roadside joint - possibly the only eating spot in Colombo where the high-rollers dine with the blue-collared - becomes the most popular place among Colombo party goers to grab a bite of local fare and satiate their drunken appetites. If you're a regular, the waiter might even take your order from your car.

Kottu rotti – a dish made from a thick Sri Lankan pancake known as godhamba rotti – is a house specialty. And there are variations to choose from, including chicken, mutton, and vegetable with the spice level notched up or down to your desire. With the addition of onions and several local Sri Lankan spices (and most recently an option to add cheese), the ingredients are chopped up with two wide metal blades, one held in each hand, while cooking on a hot metal surface.

The Cheese Rotti is another must-try, consisting of chicken and a load of red onions, smothered in a spicy sauce, rolled up inside a godhamba rotti layered with cheese. You might want to order more than one roll though, especially if your friend plans on having a bite of yours.

The waiters are exceptionally friendly and efficient. But don't ask too much of the decor. With pale blue walls and neon lighting, you really only go there for the food.

PS. You might also want to have some Pepto-Bismol ready for the next day.


Anonymous said...

of course its the only place opened in colombo area till early in the morning , also theres like three hotel de pillawoos hotels in colombo area , one in kollpity one infront of colombo 4 police station and one a few steps next to the vajira road . and i dont recommend any of these places to any of my friends or family . you will think twice when you see how they make there food and how the workers there touch the food in there kitchens .

i like chicken or cheese kottu of course i do but once i had one in the evening im getting a stomachache in the next morning at 6 am and have to run to the toilet . also please do know many people living near those places have so many complains against the owners of these disgusting hotels , you can check the nearest police stations for that .

once i had a egg roti and it tasted a lil bad about it so once i checked they have made my egg roti with a expired egg . the dudes there offered me another but i stood up and walked away without eating it .

the only people who eat from these places are drunk dudes . so that they are drunk the dudes at the hotels offer them bad food because once drunk they know you dont wanna check the food than eating those . and once they eat they either go home and run to the toilet like i do at 6 am , or throw out the bad food they ate in the streets .

the food made in these places are a threat to your own health and your own friends and family . so pay more eat shit or pay the right amount and eat something worth and clean . ? you choose .

Yasin Nimaladasa said...

Are you kidding me?

the colpetty pila has quite the clean hygienic and healthy presentation... and their food is the bomb... well not the healthiest kind of food, but who goes to a restaurant to have healthy food? you go there when you want to sit down, order and enjoy a meal.

They're Egg Rotti is nothing but smooth and crisp and goes well with the gravy they serve.

Both chicken and beef Kottu with or without cheese are clean, fresh, spicy and mouthwatering delicacies! Even the egg / vege! are as good..

If the egg rotti tasted bad then it's not the egg it's your taste buds, and the stomachache probably due to a loss of appetite. If the egg was rotten you wouldn't have been able to go near it. :P

Really? It's not a drunkard's place at all, even if you're drunk and go there they offer you a fresh and strong lime juice :P Does McDonald's right in front if Pila do that? Don't think so.

Oh, and you were talking about health: Really tell me? Let's compare the facing restaurants. World famous franchise McDonalds, and well 'our joint: Pila :P'

Those burgers they serve there are filled with nothing but yeast pops and processed meat. Do you know what apparently posh people like yourself call that? Junk food :P yet you'll can't get enough of it. Hypocrites :P

As for pila, they serve freshly baked Rotti, which unlike yeast buns, has the good carb's. Spicy and Hot Gravy unlike KFC's dry gravy sachets. Real meat instead of processed fat, bone and chicken waste.

It's a place for those who know how to enjoy 'fine' dining.. not fancy dining ;)

Suchintha said...

200% agreed with yasin... you just havent got the right place. maybe its a copy cat pilla that you are talking about if you really got all those problems. if pilla was so bad, it wont be featured as the cover page story of the times magazine. i bet the foreigners know about the place more than the lankans it self.